That Blue Coloured Album!
After much searching I finally found the 'Blue' album I was after!
ELO - 'Out of the Blue' - ORIGINAL - MINT Condition -
Double Album - 1977 - Blue Acetate
USA Issue by Jet Records/United Artists - Complete with ALL inserts consisting of Group Poster,
Unused Press Out Card Model, Souvenir Mail in Sheet, Foil Special Mail In Sheet offer for Large Mylar Poster. The
Album cover is still wrapped in its original Shrink wrap with just one side opened to access the contents! Wow!
A rare find indeed!
My circle is nearly complete.
Pioneer Receiver has been completed.
The 'Blue' record has been obtained.
I've just secured a nice pair of Pioneer HPM-100 Speakers which will undergo a full restoration to bring them up to mint condition. A new re-cap of the cross-overs and restoration of the speaker cabinets.
The Turntable remains the last item which is proving to be a challenge!
I'm sure it's out there!

Keep re-visiting..... I'll update as and when things happen!!