Sourcing: Where and "How Much!!"

So, my mission was to find a suitable Pioneer SX-1980 located near by so I could consider and view for the purposes of testing then purchasing.
Yeah.... right....!
These 'Monsters' are so rare to find in the U.K. that I ended up searching for a couple of years!
In the meantime I was buying and experimenting with other SX models which never satisfied my requirements.
All of the SX-1980's seem to be located in the good old U.S of A!
A couple were Multi Voltage but most were 120v. I wanted either a World/European Multi Voltage version or a U.K. 220/240V version as adding a step-down transformer to 120v or converting the original internal power supply was not something I wanted to do.
The search went on... and on... and on.
A couple popped up for sale in the U.K. but were very quickly snapped up by eager buyers. By the time the Ad was viewed it was sold.
Very early in my search, there was an SX-1980 in the U.K. declared as 'dead' selling for parts and/or repair which, at the time, was not an interest to me. It was described as in Mint condition with original User Manual, Brochure and Box with packaging!! The owner was honest enough to declare that smoke came out of it after it 'Popped' on him!! With a view to repairing it later he boxed it back up, stored and forgot about it!
I mean......!
I later.... much later... learnt that it was a big mistake for me to have ignored that sale!!
If I recall correctly, the seller was asking £395.00 for it.
I should have bitten his hand off!! Hindsight.... if only....!
Two years later.... these 'babies' are appearing for upwards of £1,600.00!
That price is also for a unit described 'as-is' and not restored in a 6.5 - 7/10 condition!
Meanwhile... over in the USA the price of these and other 'Monster' Receiver models were skyrocketing!
Unrestored examples are going for approx. $3,500.00!! (£2,650.00)! Plus shipping!
Suddenly, Retro Audio was back in fashion.... Receivers, Turntables, Cassette Decks, Reel to Reel etc. Even large multi band Graphic Equalisers for crying out loud!
I was sailing a sinking ship.... these SX-1980's were getting rarer and more expensive as time ticked by. These and indeed other notable 'Monster' Receivers were being snapped up left, right and center.
I almost cashed in my chips and declared a 'no go' for ownership.

So.... what now?
I thought of scrapping the idea and settle on buying a decent but modern Amp and Tuner. It didn't fill me with delight.... for some reason I started looking at makes such as Quad and Sansui. They made lovely Amps. Again though, I was drawn to the retro Amps and even these were now at a price that was incredible. I couldnt win!
Looking at the modern Amps just did'nt do anything for me.
Then, with no particular reason, I thought I would do a final search for the evening on a famous U.K. auction site.
Agast... one appeared at the top of my search list. it's in the U.K. The auction had only just been placed in the last few hours and was located about 80 miles away from me!
Description, condition, voltage, price and location were almost perfect for me.
Heart beating rapidly... I began thinking... 'do something quick or forever hold your peace!'
I contacted the seller via the in-house messaging system asking for a few other details.
Here's what happened.........