Its Done!
Refurbishment completed

All Done!

A new wooden case has been custom made to fit the SX-1980 as the original wooden case was no longer suitable. It had originally been rubbed down to investigate the possibility of re-veneering over the top but the construction was too thin to allow a refurbish. There was a thick layer of clear gloss varnish which was also not in keeping with 'stock' condition. ​​​​​​This probably held the case together longer!
My engineer who is also a 'whiz' at woodworking crafted me a beauty here! It looks fantastic! The case has been stained to the colour of the front side edges then lightly varnished to a lovely sheen finish.
It looks as though it's just left the production line!

​Fascia is just like new!

The fascia with all control knobs and switches have been deep cleaned and it's looking as fresh as ever. The small amount of tiny scratches that were originally on the fascia have been left 'as is' due to the fact that they are almost  unnoticeable.  
Working on these scratches to resolve may have highlighted them rather than repair them. You really have to look hard to see them anyway.​​​​​

After forty years of the units existence these marks are very minimal for the life that its had. I'm happy with how it is and so would anybody else I believe!
Lamps were left 'as was' as they still generate a nice warm glow at night.

On the following page I'll list all works carried out to bring this unit back to a full and safe life.
The Tuner in the Pioneer SX-1980 is quite legendary for a Receiver.
Highly sensitive with facilities such as Fine Tune & Quartz Lock.
When I first purchased this unit the Tuner was, at most, non operational.
It has been fully repaired and re-calibrated. All fuctions are working perfectly.
Very sensitive, pulls in many stations at high strength.
Fine Tune operates perfectly zeroing in onto the strongest signal.
Quartz Lock does its duty and never lets go of the signal.
What's the Sound like?
Absolutely brilliant!
Firm edges. Solid punch. Rich detail. Musically 3D, No noise.
Oh My!
FM never sounded so good!
I've found that I'm listening to the Tuner more so than anything else!
Jazz FM.... say no more!