Where it all began
Welcome to the revolution
Oh My!
This idea all started when I accidentally landed on a web page that displayed various images of retro Receivers, Amplifiers and Turntables. I was taken aback by the set up's that owners had in their possession after all these years.
It brought back memories of going to various childhood friends homes in the late 70's and seeing these Receivers in their Parents ownership and in situ connected to various pieces of audio equipment.

One Receiver in particular, upon being invited to my friends house for dinner, was the Pioneer SX-1980.
There it sat, on a sideboard, bold as brass, virtually taking up the whole width and depth of the sideboard, sited with a matching Pioneer Turntable.
On either end of the sideboard were speakers on stands.
Big speakers! 
Pioneer yet again! HPM-100 - Lovely, puposeful and powerful!
Visually very menacing!
Nevertheless, very impressive!

Whilst sitting down to eat my Sausages, Beans and Smash Potatoes (Yes! Smash!) with my friend, his Dad casually chose an album from his somewhat impressive record collection, flipped open the record cover and out slid a vinyl record. Not just any old vinyl record but a bright blue coloured one!
Now, black coloured vinyl was indeed popular, but a blue one! Never seen one at that time before!
He lined it up on the Turntable..... then...... it started.....
a regular piano beat..... then with a bassline.... then snare drum intro..... then what sounded like a full orchestra! Then it kicked off!
Hells bells.... the sound! Not so much the volume, which was very generous for a semi-detached house, but the quality and smoothness!
It was ELO.... Mr Blue Sky! 
I was so in awe that I didn't even touch my Sausages, Smash and Beans until after the track had finished!
Needless to say, it took a long time to eat that favourite dinner of mine for many reasons!
Listening to the whole album and paying great interest to the detail and power never mind the record being blue in colour!
Normally, to me, music is music. It plays and I listen.
With the SX-1980 playing it brought a whole new meaning to music listening and audio appreciation from that point onwards.

A dinner and music experience I have never, ever forgotten.

At such a young age, I started comparing system sounds and judging manufacturers build quality!
Though a pipe dream at the time, I was building up experience and knowledge towards owning a system of my own one day.

Now, almost forty years later, my mission, as I chose to accept it.... was to locate a Pioneer SX-1980 and attempt to recreate that same experience.

Here goes...... Strange how things come back at you...... Welcome to the revolution!