Pioneer SX-1980 
The 'Monster' Receiver of the 1970's
Welcome to my Pioneer SX-1980 Refurbishment 
I've always been an avid audio enthusiast and have now developed a keen interest in retro Hi-Fi.​​​​​ Having worked in the audio retail industry many years ago I have witnessed great changes in technology & have been amazed by the advancement that we have reached to date.
But sometimes the most advanced is not necessarily the best.

All of the audio manufacturers wanted a slice of the market. Marantz, Pioneer, Rotel, Sansui & Sony to name but a few.
Many with claims of high quality and high music power output.
Without doubt, one of the biggest & most highly powered Receivers to be made available for sale was the Pioneer SX-1980 which was released for sale in the U.K. circa 1977/1978.
This the story of my Pioneer SX-1980 from first listening to sourcing the unit through to full refurbishment. Enjoy! 
Long ago, when younger, I witnessed the introduction of the 'Stereo Receiver'. Visiting the well known areas of London such as Tottenham Court Road & the Department stores of Oxford Street as well as Harrods in Knightsbridge, I saw a flourishing market of all these 'Monster' Receivers. Competition between the manufacturers was fierce. Each offering different build designs, components and POWER output! The bigger, the better in those days!​​​​